O projeto Interreg Sudoe ClimACT é novamente finalista! Desta vez falamos do “Interreg Talks: 6 projects, 1 Slam“.

Para além dos três prémios que serão atribuídos no decurso da EURegionsWeek 2018, e onde o projeto ClimACT marcará presença em Bruxelas, de 8 a 10 de outubro para a sua apresentação pública, existe ainda um “Social Media Award”, onde o vencedor será o que angariar mais votos (likes) no respetivo vídeo.

Para votar, basta “gostar” no vídeo incorporado em baixo e dessa forma estaremos também a valorizar todo o trabalho que a Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Lisboa (ESTeSL-IPL) tem vindo a fazer no âmbito do programa Eco-Escolas e do projeto ClimACT. O desafio é votar e partilhar…

In the framework of the #EURegionsWeek 2018, a specific session “Interreg Talks: 6 projects, 1 Slam”, will be organised by Interact and the European Commission (DG REGIO) as the new edition of the Project Slam.

The Slam is part of the capitalisation work implemented by Interact, where the ‘Interreg Talks’ are a series of events aimed at promoting innovative communication approaches related to capitalisation of Interreg results. Specific thematic ‘Talks’ have been organised in the fields identified for Interact capitalisation networks over the past years (Migration, Climate Change, etc.).

The ‘Interreg Talks’ also aim at demonstrating how Interreg works and how its cooperation model could be enlarged/transferred. The Interreg Talks are, by their nature, targeted at stakeholders and audiences other than Interreg practitioners.

For the 2018 edition, Interact has applied to the ‘European Week of Regions and Cities’ (#EURegionsWeek) in order to present a new experience of project slam, by making Interreg results more visible to the targets and audience of this major event. The 1,5-hour slot for this year’s Slam is scheduled during the EURegionsWeek 2018. The Project Slam session will present high impact Interreg projects (see pre-selection criteria detailed below) in an entertaining and easy way to the audience attending the EURegionsWeek.

For this Project Slam a nomination process is open to Interreg Programmes (including Interreg – IPA CBC and ENI Programmes) and its main goal is to identify good projects and results to be showcased by the voice of their protagonists. These projects need to have a high communication power and attractiveness for relevant stakeholders and the audience of the event. The language used must be English, and provided the message is clearly understandable, of course, regional/national accents – the DNA of our diversity – are most welcome.

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